About Us

Founded in 2000, East West Fine Art (formerly Gallery on Fifth) is one of the largest fine art galleries in Florida.

East West Fine Art galleries specialize contemporary international artists, with a focus on Russian and Eastern European fine art.

Our galleries represent world renowned, academically trained artists. We carry a selection of oil paintings, mixed media works, photography, and sculpture. Our artists work in a range of styles including realism, impressionism, abstract, cubism, etc. We also carry works in unusual mediums such as handmade paper, wood, and resin glass.


Russian American Museum of Art: RAMA

In November 2013, Gallery owners Leeza and Olga Arkhangelskaya founded RAMA: Russian American Museum of Art. Its mission is to utilize art to strengthen overall understanding between two of the world’s greatest nations, promote dialogue, and initiate and support cultural exchange. The idea for the museum came from the tremendously positive reaction from Neapolitans to Russian art and Russian themed cultural events held at East West Fine Art.

Olga and Leeza came to realization that Naples has an insatiable appetite for high quality art exhibitions and intellectually stimulating and entertaining events – all of which RAMA will provide. RAMA strives to be an integral part of the Naples cultural scene, serving the community all year round, complimenting art festivals and fairs, which have a limited time span. The museum’s pioneering structure will provide the public with unparalleled opportunities for learning about art history and the latest developments in Russian and American art. It will rest on three pillars:

• Historic art from Russia and Eastern Europe;
• Florida Collector’s Club;
• Contemporary Art: expositions, competitions and sales of new works by American and Eastern European living artists.

Meet the Owners

Olga Arkhangelskaya is the founder, and has been the director of East West Fine Art since 2000.

A graduate of Harvard University, she has also completed a Pew Fellowship program at Georgetown University and holds a Certificate in Art History from George Washington University. A founder of Russian-American Cultural Club at the Russian Embassy in Washington DC, she is a tireless advocate for Russian art and culture in the US. She is frequently giving lectures and presentations at her Gallery and as a guest speaker at numerous social clubs and professional organizations.

In 2013, Olga and her daughter, Gallery co-owner Leeza Arkhangelskaya have founded the Russian-American Museum of Art (RAMA) non-profit in Naples, FL. Due to their efforts the cohort of remarkable Russian and Eastern European artists was introduced to the US art connoisseurs and gained popularity.

In 2013 Olga’s daughter, Leeza Arkhangelskaya joined the family business as co-owner of both East West Fine Art galleries. With degrees from University of Geneva and American University, Leeza brings with her over 10 years of international experience in project management and international art fair organization.