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Alexander Pavlov

Whether he paints sunny shores of Italy, a stormy day in Florida, or a simple flower bouquet, the works of Alexander Pavlov are always charged with positive energy. Master of palette knife technique, he applies his strokes with bold confidence.

At an early age, Alexander decided to become an artist. Through tireless work and rigorous training he developed his unique expressive style. One could not pass by his painting without stopping for a minute or two, or more.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1975, Alexander began painting at a very young age. Saint Petersburg – one of the most beautiful and spiritual cities in the world – was an endless source of inspiration.

The regularity of its streets and avenues, the elaborate facades of its buildings, its canals, bridges, parks and embankments – were Alexander’s first classroom. The surreal light of the northern skies, long winters and white nights in summer left the most beautiful imprint in Alexander’s heart. The city revealed to Alexander its own rhythm, musical energy, the beautiful melody and harmony, which one could see in every Alexander’s painting.

However, it was the Russian churches and cathedrals, where Alexander spent most of his time. The religious imagery: enigmatic, emotionally restricted, minimal and powerful intrigued Alexander. After going through rigorous selection process, he was admitted to the Icon Painting division of the St. Petersburg Orthodox Theology and Ecclesiastical Art Center. Alexander considers this course to be the most important part of his education.

Another important part of his learning experience was the time he spent in famous Hermitage Museum, making copies of old masterpieces. Later Alexander attended the prestigious Saint Petersburg Repin’s Art Academy specializing in restoration of old murals.

For the last 10 years, Alexander has been living in Miami, and now Naples. He draws endless inspiration from our sunlit streets and the tranquil ocean.

Alexander’s own style deviated significantly from the academic paintings – it is more modern expressionism than realism. He likes to use pallet knife, making wide, energetic strokes, applying oil generously and spontaneously. His paintings are always sought for by art collectors from many countries in the world.

In the US, Gallery on Fifth represents Alexander Pavlov exclusively.

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