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John Metz

In the artist’s own words…

“My work explores concepts of timelessness, energy, beauty and spirituality.  I am compelled to do work that conjures a sense of mystery, whether figurative or abstract. Art lovers often comment on the emotive quality of my work experienced through rich textures, patterns, subtle hues, and the play of light on the surface.

My process is very sensorial.  I utilize encaustic wax, oil paint, lacquer paint, shellac and graphite. I love exploring the variety of effects achievable through a few simple materials. Particularly exciting and challenging are shellac burns wherein my only control is the length of time the flame lives. It is critical to me to allow my work to evolve out of the process and to let the medium define the results.  I utilize various techniques including layering, image transfers, collaging, masking, scoring, scribing, and fusing. I believe that the medium and the process together evoke a mysterious energy and tranquil quality.

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