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Laura Nisita

Laura Nisita grew up in Minneapolis, MN. Her mother used to say that as a child she always was drawing. Laura recalls a vivid early childhood memory of drawing a picture of a stylized flower in a beautiful color of dark pink from the crayon box during art period in first grade. All her classmates wanted a copy and the teacher let them line up during recess to receive their personal version.

After that memorable event, Laura lived for the holidays, when she would be given the opportunity to paint a large picture for the hall bulletin board. Later on, Laura attended Ripon College in Wisconsin, where she took the few art classes available, and majored in art history. She then relocated to NYC where I worked for several years and took some painting and drawing classes at the School of Visual Art. Laura then went to the University of Pennsylvania and obtained a Master’s Degree in Fine Art. She studied under Neil Welliver, a very successful and respected landscape painter who was part of a group of artists who were trying to make pictures that were representational but in a modern way, not as if you were rehashing the old masters. Nisita then returned to NYC where she worked at the studio of graphic designer R.O. Blechman and did some other animation and illustration projects.

Upon returning to Minneapolis after several years due to illness in her family and worked in an animation studio there doing painted backgrounds (this was just before animation went digital, and everything was done by hand). After several years she met her husband, a native of Rome who was living and working in St. Paul, and she got married and retired from commercial art when she had her daughter. During all of this time she painted in oil, both still lives and landscapes, and showed in various group shows in MN and other places. She began winning awards and started selling art work on commission while she raised her daughter.

Nisita says she has been fortunate enough to go to Italy and other places in Europe on a regular basis with her husband. When he retired, several years ago, and her daughter went to college Laura and her husband moved to Estero, Florida, where she has a studio. Laura now paints in acrylic, as she became allergic to oil paint (and the transition took some adjusting to). Since then Laura has been concentrating on still life, mostly of shells, fruit, and vegetables. Her works are in several private collections in Florida and Minnesota. She continues to paint realistically but in a modern style, and am especially interested in the way light falls on objects. Laura’s artistic objective is to give her fruit and shells an inner glow, and to arrange the objects in an unusual compositions. Laura likes to play with the space, perspective, and shadows, and hope her objects are lifelike and yet, something more.

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