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Margit Heiss

Margit Heiss was born in May of 1957 and raised in Munich, Germany. Inspired by many famous artists and world-renown galleries, museums and exhibitions in her home town, she dedicated her life to modern painting at the early age of 13.

Obsessed with a passion for painting, Margit matriculated for art classes and began studying expressionistic painting techniques. Her extraordinary talent was soon discovered and recognized by her Professors, who helped Margit to unfold her full potential and become an icon of the Munich art scene.

Her paintings were exhibited during numerous occasions in private art shows and public galleries, such as the famous “Kunst im Schloss Nymphenburg” and “Akademiegalerie”.

Years later, Margit left Munich and went with her family to South Africa, where she met Esther Mahlangu of the Ndebele tribe. Deeply impressed by Esther’s traditional art and her use of vibrant and colorful geometrical shapes, Margit decided to incorporate some of Esther’s elements in her painting, thereby creating a revolutionary blend of modern expressionistic and traditional African style, often times with exotic animals as motives.

Margit introduced this new style to public art schools in Pretoria and exhibited at renowned galleries in South Africa, where she was awarded with the Sasol New Signature Art Price of the Pretoria Art Museum and the Martienssen Art Price of the Gertrude Posel Gallery in Johannesburg.

After this South Africa experience, Margit relocates to Brazil, attempting to gain new ideas and inspirations from the vibrant Brazilian lifestyle, tropical rainforests and an untouched nature. The art scenes in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Salvador de Bahia had a spiritual impact on Margit’s painting, resulting in the enrichment of forms and shapes with bright and vivid colors. Some of her new paintings were exhibited at the Museo Alfredo Andersen in Curitiba and Margit also has been prominently featured on Television and in several publications between 1998 and 2000.

A few years later, Margit and her Family moved on and finally settled down in Florida. In
2003, Margit was selected for a national painting competition – a series of exhibitions over several weeks – of the top 100 artists in the country, where she was rewarded by an independent jury with an Award of Achievement for making it to the very final exhibition.

Margit’s work encompasses more than two decades of professional and personal development, continuous improvement and creative discovery. Her unique style reflects a passion for bold and bright colors, expressionistic backgrounds and exotic motives.

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