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Mikhail Ouzikov

Ouzikov was born in Ekaterinburg, Russia. He graduated from the Art and Architectural Academy in 1990, with a Master’s Degree in Art and Architecture. In 1991, he completed a post-graduate work at Liverpool University School of Artists and Architects, in Liverpool, England.

Mikhail has worked as a professional artist since 1985, first as a member of the Russian Independent Artists’ Union “Vernisage.” Between 1985 and 1990, he staged more than 30 exhibitions throughout Russia – in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Ekaterinburg. He won numerous awards, and has works on display at the National Museum of Art in Ekaterinburg.

Mikhail Ouzikov is an artist, architect, designer, writer, author and pilgrim-dreamer for whom the “sensation of constantly being on the thresh-hold,” with the “cheerful passion of starting from zero “have become his mottos.

Ouzikov’s talent lies in its ability to transform ordinary events into epics, filled with symbolic meaning.  His stories are universal plots framed on canvas, and set to a timeless score. He is a true Romantic Expressionist, with a flair for the Epic, Biblical, and Mythological.


  • Ouzikov has taken part in more than 50 exhibitions in Russia, Europe, USA and Canada. His paintings now live in prestigious private collections and famous galleries around the world.
  • Over the past dozen years, Ouzikov has exhibited his works in galleries in Amsterdam, Santpoort, Ijsselmuiden, and The Hague, Netherlands; in Bruges, Belgium; in Bremen, Heidelberg and Frankfurt, Germany; and in London and Liverpool, England. In the United States, he exhibited in Montclair, Wisconsin, Washington state, and Florida, as well as in Canada, where he now resides.
  • Mikhail’s paintings are in many private collections in Russia, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Japan, Argentina, China and Portugal.

Gallery Show Descriptions:

Mikhail Ouzikov: Tribute to Russian poets of the Silver age.

As Tolstoy observed, the world is at once spiritual and natural, and both are ingrained in the soul of man.  You immediately see this in Mikhail’s work; the visual play between the artist’s soul and the beauty of the natural world captured on canvas.

His work asks you to not dwell on the surface of what you see but to forge deeper, to see the truth of what lies between shape, color and shade.  Mikhail understands that what you see and what you feel are not always the same. Not one of his works imposes a single point of view.

He shares with the poets of Russia’s Silver age this strong pull to mysticism and nature. He knows that the eternal and the present are intertwined and that marriage lies hidden in the shadows.  He is not afraid, like his Russian contemporaries, to forge deeper to that place where the outer life and the inner life clash.

The variety and effects in Ouzikov’s art rely on his skillful manipulations of color and movement. Solid, volumetric color massifs, repeated and rearranged in layers of contrasting planes, in visible three-dimensional strokes– all characteristics of the artist’s expressionist influences, particular his affinities with Bacon, Pollock, Schile, and Pechstein.

Every stroke that Mikhail puts to canvas echoes what Russia has taught him – and what his country’s poets have always understood; that the truth is in the heart and shared memory bind us.

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