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Patrick Antonelle

Patrick Antonelle has been painting for over three decades continuously in pursuit of perfecting his talent. Although an alumnus of the School of Visual Arts at the Brooklyn Museum and the Art Students League, it has been mostly self-education and confidence that has guided him from novice to master of his profession. In essence, he attributes life and nature as his best teachers. When not painting the landscapes of Pennsylvania or the seascapes of Long Island, Patrick has most recently been portraying the many facades and moods of New York City, Central Park and their environs. They are depictions of his favorite New York architecture in various seasons rendered in his own Pointillistic- Impressionistic style. In this genre, he often resurrects nostalgic New York scenes that have been long forgotten.

Manhattan Arts magazine called Patrick “the foremost impressionist painter of our century.” Also dubbed the “American Renoir”, his tendency to transform the prosaic urban scene into something infinitely romantic is evident in his work. His goal with each canvas is to combine nature with the ingenuity of man, specifically as embodied in architecture, thereby creating a peaceful, workable harmony to reflect upon and absorb. Over the years, he has been the recipient of many honors and awards derived from his group and one-man shows. His works are included in numerous corporate and private collections, including the Trumps and Regis Philbin as well as Apple Computer, Citicorp and Panasonic.

Patrick believes in a sincere and direct approach to life and he presents an honesty and truth with an ambiance of tranquility via his paintings. It is his hope and intention with each image that the viewer experiences the serenity and peace he strives earnestly to convey. An editor of Art Speak Magazine, commenting on Patrick’s landscapes of Snow in the Woods and Reflecting Waters, stated that Patrick’s works offer an entree into the eternal calm and freshness of nature with their scintillating surface of light.

Practicing what he preaches, or paints, Patrick has been actively involved with many charities, donating much time and work. Children worldwide, the elderly, and efforts to conquer aids and cancer have all benefited from his true concern and ensuing actions. Both UNICEF and Tomorrow’s Children’s Fund regularly feature his artwork on greeting cards to spread joy, beauty and inspiration.

In offering reproductions of his work, Patrick hopes to introduce a wider audience to his painterly manifestations of a world more romantic, nostalgic and caring than the one we currently inhabit. Showing in his unique fashion the special relationships of man, nature and the environment inherited and built, he presents imagery that will inspire you daily. That the reproductions are issued as limited editions provides an investment aspect as well.

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